X(S)M Series rubber (plastics) internal mixer

Commodity name:X(S)M Series rubber (plastics) internal mixer

Product features

Application: It is used for plasticating and mixing for rubber or plastics etc.

1.The improved shearing and intermeshing rotor could meet most customers’ formula and processing requirements.

2.Shearing-type rotor has two-wings, four-wings six-wings structrue. Intermeshing-type rotor has the wide edge and similar to that of involute meshing area, improve rubber dispersion and cooling effect, guarantee the quality of rubber mixing,

3.All parts, which contact with rubber compound, are circulated through cooling water. This machine may be equipped with water-temperature regulating system to control rubber temperature . Such system adopts suitable water temperature, which can effectively ensure the quality stability of compound.

4.It adopts PLC control system that is featured of meinual and auto control, simple switching, time and temperature control and efficiently controlling the quality of rubber mixing, shortening the support time euid decreeing the labor intensity.

5.The modular design is mainly composed of feeder device, body and base plate; to adapt to different installation sites and facilitates maintenance.

Performance parameter

Intermeshing rotor

Tangentia rotor

Product application

It is used for plasticating and mixing for rubber or plastics etc.