Cold-feed extruder

Commodity name:Cold-feed extruder

Product features

1. Optimized design of screw, barrel, can meet the requirement of majority users of different designs, different formulations, different process requirements.

2. The feature of this machine is based on the original extruder through improvement, innovation, highlighting the reliability, economy and serviceability

3. Where contact with the plastic material parts are through the water cycle, and is equipped with a thermostatically controlled temperature regulation system, choose the appropriate temperature, which can effectively ensure the quality of extrusion stability of various compounds.

4. .Digital speed control system, accurate and reliable maintenance exemption.

5. Flexible design system, in the shortest time to meet the specific design requirements of customers.

6. With a different head, can achieve feeding, squeeze film, squeeze tubes, squeeze profiles and other purposes.

Performance parameter

Product application

To make the materials fully plastify and evenly mixed then shaped. It can be using on material supply, extruder sheet, make tube, extruder profile etc.