Batch-off cooling machinery

Commodity name:Batch-off cooling machinery

Product features

1. Large volume release agent immersion tank, can be recycled cooling water, the cooling effect is obvious.

2. Conveyor belt line with frequency stepless speed to meet different mills the film speed requirements.

3. Chain speed of cooling section is with frequency stepless height coupon can always be adjusted to meet the requirements of different compounds.

4. The cooling unit is assigned 8 to 18 fans, packet start, good cooling effect.

5. The machine has the function of cutting, folding, swinging.

6. This machine is all frequency control, simple control, maintenance-free.

7. Modular structure, customers alternative structures varied.

8. Flexible design system, in the shortest time to meet the specific design requirements of customers.

Performance parameter

Product application

Plastic compounds or mix through a tableting machine (mill or extruder tableting machine) pressed out of the film were coated with release agent, cooling and cutting (or swing sheet) laminated storage, for the next procedure use.